You’re so hurt and damaged by all the lies you fill your head with. No wonder you’re broken and continuously second guess yourself. You don’t even know what the truth is anymore.


Dark Light


Enrapturing the light, blinds you from the danger that awaits you.


The art of deception is mastered perfectly by the temptress. Be weary of this path in which you’ve chosen to tread. For your mind is not your own. You can’t sleep, you can’t eat… there’s no doubt that you’re in deep. Your throat is tight, you can’t breathe… another kiss and you’ll fall to your knees… completely enraptured to be hers.

Entangled Corruption


I watched as you fell apart… you became someone else. You let an idea, a simple thought, process itself into an entangled corruption that left you in a disarray of misery. You became your own enemy and in it’s darkness another side of you slowly emerged… one in which not even you recognized. I could see the resentment in your eyes, you wanted help, but could never bring yourself to ask, let alone have anyone see you at your weakest moment. But this in turn only caused disappointment in yourself because you didn’t have the strength of mind, which then only pushed you further astray into your own blood bath. Now here you are, right where you left off, once again, lost, suffering, disconnected, and miserable. The light in you has forever faded. And I don’t know who you are anymore.



I stopped being afraid and looking for monsters under the bed a long time ago when I realized they’re not lurking in the dark… but inside of me.

All You Do Is Lie

It was a thought that slowly appeared, emerging every so often, creeping its way in to where it began to decay the decrepit heart and mind. All the while it grew into a certain ache of a feeling that engulfed the core of the soul. A heart wrenching torment that then lead to the down pool of an over assumption… left alone to reminisce in paranoia. A side of you in which no one ever knew… not even you. Because all you do is lie.

Inner War


I never meant to start a war… all I wanted was to bend your rules. Corrupted, I put you so high up upon the pedestal and ever so quickly you turned and destroyed every positive part of me. I then closed my eyes in desperation and let myself fall, but instead of being so vulnerable… I should have just let you win. Now I brought myself right back to where it all began… the terrifying asphyxiation abyss that I never wanted to relive.