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It’s amazing how easy it is to lose yourself in a whirlpool of sorrow. How every thought and feeling that comes to mind becomes corrupted, destroying what was once a beautiful and enlightening memory that now leaves nothing behind but an overwhelming blur of loss. Bathing in the pain, you can feel your heart slowly ripping apart as everything around you begins to crumble. You remain still amidst all the chaos, the voice inside your head screams at you, clawing it’s way to the surface as it drowns your mind with everything you don’t want to imagine. But on the outside your face remains blank, withered and distant. You’re breaking. I don’t know what you’re going through right now, or why, but whatever it is, I just hope it ends soon. Because I know you can feel the talons of a dark entrapping old friend digging their way into your soul, grasping so tightly it’s tainting your heart and mind. And with it’s malicious┬ásmile written all over it’s face, you’ve become it’s prey, engulfing you in it’s suffocating misery as it slowly drags you back into the all too familiar depths of the abyss.


The Internet


Oh how you hurt me so. But it’s my fault, for wandering the vast wondrous places of the Internet to only come across a marvelous being who I can not reach out and touch or be able to feel their warm embrace, instead I am engulfed by the sorrows of forever longing to be with them. And let us be completely honest, that day will most likely never come.


You call it feelings. I call it distant memories that traumatized the soul and corrupted ones thinking. Those “feelings” in which you speak of are just a reminder of what doomed you in the first place. They’re nothing but a warning to keep you away. But maybe it’s that reason alone that intrigues you… only to repeat the same mistake.