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 I’m not one to often ask for help, let alone talk about my problems to the entire world. Sure, I write quotes, thoughts and stories, but I keep 90% of what goes on bottled up. So, no, I’m not asking for your sympathy or crying out for your attention… I’m simply asking you for help in one of the most difficult times of my life. The one time I will only ever do this, because let’s face it, most of you don’t even care and never will. Which is fine, to each their own. I know we all have our struggles and we’re all dealing with something, some far worse than others. But regardless, I’ve hit a breaking point and for once in my life I’m reaching out to others for help. So please, take the time to read this, share it with friends and family, and if at all possible… donate. And to those who do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never fully be able to express my gratitude and appreciation, let alone how much it truly means to me. http://www.gofundme.com/j11pso



Never try to sabotage someone’s life with a lie… when yours can be destroyed with the truth.



Forever bound by the dis-loyalties of fate.



You got me through some of the toughest times in my life. You made me rethink and question my actions. You let me get lost in the moment and feel things I never thought I would. You listened and understood when no one else did. You let my imagination run wild and put me at ease. You picked me up when I couldn’t even bring myself to get off of my bed room floor. You expressed all that I couldn’t even bring to words. You let all the pain and tears come to life and quenched the hurtful fires within myself. You’ve been the only one who has always been there, and you will always be the only one who will continue to do so. You protected me from the world… but most of all… you saved me from myself. Music is such a big part of my life, and without it… I really don’t know who or where I would be to this day.

Story Of My Life

I did what I felt was right… but in the eyes of so many it was wrong.



The exquisite beauty of my independence is driven only by your ignorant stares and blind insight into what life I may or may not lead.

Never Give Up

The moment you let that wall in which you’ve built so high finally crumble… when you let that shield of armor that protected you from everything collapse… when you let that blind fold in which led you in the wrong direction fall to the ground… and when the moment you let yourself become vulnerable and in return are not betrayed by the one you lay all of your trust and love in… is a beautiful and empowering thing. For when you finally stop analyzing everything, when you just start believing and let yourself finally open your heart to someone once again and let things unfold for themselves… that is the moment when you realize you truly can indeed love and be loved again without the fear of becoming broken and completely crushed. So, throw down everything you once thought and believed, step out of your comfort zone with open eyes, take that step forward… that leap or risk and despite how many times you fall and feel as if you can’t get back up, just remember that we all must experience pain in order to appreciate the better things in life but also to learn and become stronger… for it is what shapes us as a person. You truly will find happiness, I can promise you that, but these things take time and perseverance. And until that day comes, keep on trekking with your head held high, continue fighting, my dear, and never, ever, give up.